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The Maryland House and Garden Pilgrimage is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with a history dedicated to the preservation of Maryland’s cultural and historically significant properties and landscapes. It started as a committee of the Federated Garden Clubs of Maryland, but in 1930 it became a separate organization. Each year the “Pilgrims” have traversed throughout the state to partake in the highest quality immersive tours of selected noteworthy properties.

Not only do these tours provide an exclusive peek into these significant places of our shared history, but they provide the Pilgrim with opportunities to connect to these hallowed places and to walk where history occurred. In addition, it is through these tours that the MHGP has been able to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars directly to over 150 properties to aid in their long term preservation.


Join us in our efforts to contribute to the preservation of Maryland’s rich and vibrant collection of historic and culturally significant properties!

The Pilgrimage for 2024 includes tours of the following:

Sunday, April 28th - Baltimore County / Towson
Saturday, May 4th – Cecil County
Saturday, May 11th – Talbot County
Saturday, May 18th - Montgomery County
Saturday, June 1st – Dorchester County
Saturday, June 22nd – Prince George's County


Central Committee Officers 2023-2025

Chair    Laura Zimmermann

Vice-Chair    Paige Tilghman

Treasurer     Debbie Frey

Assistant Treasurer    Caroline Benson

Recording Secretary    Jenny Washburne

Corresponding Secretary    Thomasina Rogers

Executive Director     Jack Thompson, Junior








Past Chairs of the Maryland House and Garden Pilgrimage

Mrs. Duncan K. Brent

Mrs. Harry R. Slack, Jr.

Mrs. J. Rowland Clapp

Mrs. Martin Gillet

Mrs. Gideon N. Stieff

Mrs. Blanchard Randall

Mrs. Sifford Pearre

Mrs. James Dixon Bartlett

Mrs. S. Yeardley Smith

Mrs. J. Henry Hooper

Mrs. Harriet Gibbs Bowdoin

Mrs. W. Page Dame, Jr.

Mrs. Frederick W. Wagner

Mrs. Beverley C. Compton

Mrs. Charles J. Lipscomb

Mrs. Bradford McE. Jacobs

Mrs. Barclay H. Trippe, Jr.

Mrs. George M. S. Riepe

Mrs. Bernard C. Boykin

Mrs. Arthur W. Sherwood

Mrs. Semmes G. Walsh

Mrs. Guy T. Warfield III

Mrs. Joseph R. B. Tubman

Mrs. John R. Holland, Jr.

Mrs. David B. Baker, Jr.

 Mrs. R. Willson Hardy

Mrs. Richard Henderson

Mrs. Robert K. Keller

Mrs. Walter E. Black, Jr.

Mrs. William T. Harper, Jr.

Mrs. C. Richard Struse

Mrs. Frank B. Ober, Jr.

Mrs. Charles A. Meyer

Mrs. Ricks E Savage

Mrs. Alfred E. Boren

Mrs. Thomas C. Whedbee

Mrs. Malcolm C. Foster

Mr. Jack I. Thompson, Junior

Mrs. Peter J. Schwab

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